Meet the artist...

I use acrylic dotting technique (pointillism) in my paintings. It requires patience, discipline and preparation. Every dot must have its own unique size, place and colour. Every dot is equally important. I often compare them with human thoughts or emotions. It’s like chemistry that connects atoms into molecules to create a visual form. I love making mandalas, they remind me human life stories, philosophy and mysticism. Cycles and repetitive patterns that are always arranged in certain numbers become a story behind the painting. Every mandala has a deep meaning. Sometimes, I create the story, other times - I paint mandala inspired by someone else’s story. I often use bright colours and very dark background to make it look more dramatic and playful. I love adding glitter, crystal stones as finishing touches to mandalas. I love blending geometrical shapes with dots. Strict lines and chaotic sea of dots represent many social aspects - freedom within rules, breaking rules and power or purpose of each dot. They symbolise clarity, connectivity, continuity. I use photo references for my animal or portrait paintings. I love that momentum feeling of the expression, uniqueness and, sometimes, vulnerability in them. All my paintings require many hours, days and weeks to complete. Some larger paintings consist of 100 thousand dots. I love process of dotting, I completely surrender to it, not knowing till the very end how will finished painting look. And, of course, I feel extremely happy when my art finds love and place in peoples homes and hearts!

I am located in Greystones, Co Wicklow.  If you’re local we can always arrange my art viewing in my home studio.
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