Meet the artist…

I use acrylic dotting technique (pointillism) in my paintings. It requires patience, discipline and preparation. A single dot must have its own unique size, place and colour. Every dot is equally important. I often compare them with human thoughts or emotions. It’s like chemistry that connects atoms into molecules to create a visual form. 

I love painting mandalas, they remind me of certain life stories, philosophy and mysticism. Cycles and repetitive patterns that are always arranged in certain numbers, become a story behind the painting. Every mandala has a meaning. Sometimes, I create a story, other times – I paint mandala inspired by someone else’s story. I often use bright colours and very dark background to make it look more dramatic and playful. 

Trees and flowers have a very special place in my art. “Freezing” them into a still painting is like stopping time and borrowing a perfect moment that nature has created. Sometimes I use mandala elements and strict geometrical shapes in trees and flowers, trying to highlight an absolute perfection and orderly chaos in nature, similar to looking through a microscope. 

All of my paintings take weeks and even months to complete. I have to make a bond with each and every painting – from a blank canvas till the very last dot. In between there is a secret painting-artist relationship, filled with joy, doubts, happiness, excitement and surrender… I don’t always love my paintings, but I always finish them.

And, of course, I feel extremely happy when my art finds love and place in people’s homes and hearts! 

I am located in Greystones, Co Wicklow. 
If you’re local we can always arrange my art viewing in my home studio.

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