Everything started from a dot…

People often ask me how I can have so much patience to use this painstakingly slow and precise technique. In fact, I consider myself very inpatient person. But when I look back now, I realise that I have probably learned some patience during my career as a psychotherapist. I discovered how powerful human thoughts and emotions can be. I tried to expand the traditional approach and started using art elements in my therapy. It was undeniably effective! Amazingly, I could grasp not only trauma, pain or fear but also hope and love vibes in most of my patients’ drawings. Art can heal and  awaken emotions, memories and desires, give hope, strength and connection with the surrounding world. 

This was the breaking point in my career as a therapist and beginning of a new one as an artist!  And I knew straight away – these ‘dots’ that were in my own head should also be released! 

People often believe that negative emotions are stronger, more impactful, they shake us up and provoke us to question who we really are. Nevertheless, my aim is to convey the audience that the calm side of life stimulates us to look deeper into ourselves, to have clearer perception and to create our own unique philosophy and values.

I would like the viewer to see dots in my paintings before they see the painting as the  whole. And if people look close enough, they can become a part of the creation… Maybe, they will be able to see and relate these single naked dots to uniqueness of our human nature – individuality, connectivity, simplicity, complexity and so much more. 

Our world is made out of dots. 

Each dot is the most important one, totally unique and can never be underestimated!

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